411 Limestone Gravel



Experience the durability of 411 Limestone Gravel from Creech’s. Ideal for construction and landscaping, this compactable aggregate locks in place for a stable, level surface.

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Our 411 Limestone Gravel is the construction and landscaping community’s choice for an all-purpose material. With its blend of #57 gravel and limestone dust, it offers a balance between larger stones and fine particles, which enables it to compact excellently for a solid, stable base.

Our 411 Limestone Gravel boasts a beautiful, natural color that complements any landscape design. The angular shape of the stones allows them to interlock, creating a stable surface that resists shifting and erosion.

As a limestone product, our 411 gravel offers a slight alkalinity that can help to neutralize acidic soils, promoting healthier plant growth in your landscaping beds. The durability of this gravel ensures that it will maintain its attractive appearance and functionality for years to come, even under heavy traffic or harsh weather conditions.

Key Characteristics of 411 Limestone Gravel

  • Composition: A versatile mix of limestone dust and angular crushed stones, allowing for superb compaction and stability.
  • Size Diversity: Ranging from fine particles to stones of up to 1-inch, providing a solid foundation that locks together under pressure.
  • Color and Texture: The whitish-gray hue of our limestone is versatile in appearance, complementing a variety of design aesthetics. The texture is rugged, with jagged edges that mesh together when compacted.

Uses of 411 Limestone Gravel

  • Driveway Base: Sturdy and reliable, this gravel forms a non-shifting foundation that withstands regular traffic.
  • Paver and Patio Base: Achieves a stable layer underneath pavers, ensuring a flat, even surface for patios and walkways.
  • Pothole Filling: With fines that settle into gaps, it’s excellent for repairing potholes and creating smooth road surfaces.
  • Construction Projects: Robust enough for heavy equipment driveway mixes and as a supportive base for asphalt parking lots and roads.
  • Erosion Control and Soil Stabilization: Prevents soil displacement in landscaped areas and secures the ground for construction sites.
  • Building Berms: Ideal for constructing landscaped berms, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional water flow management.

Understanding Stone Variations

Please note that natural stone is a diverse and unique product. The photos on our website are a representation of our selection. Variations in color, texture, and size are inherent to all natural stones. We encourage customers to see the products in person at our location before making a decision to appreciate the true beauty and variation each stone offers.

Delivery Options and Areas Served

Creech’s offers a comprehensive delivery service for all our bulk and bagged stone materials. Our delivery areas include Lebanon, Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, and surrounding communities. We strive for convenience and flexibility with services such as same-day delivery for orders placed before 3pm, and a range of delivery vehicles to suit your order size—from dump trucks for bulk material to forklift deliveries for palletized stone.

Delivery fees are calculated based on the delivery location, distance, and the total gross weight of your order. For detailed estimates, stop by our store, give us a call at (513) 932-8155, or reach out to us online. Let us help you with the logistics so you can focus on creating your perfect landscape.

Visit Us for Personalized Selection & Pick-up

For those who prefer to hand-pick their stone, our doors are open at 818 S US-42, Lebanon, OH 45036. Experience our variety in person, get expert advice, and take your selected stone home the same day. Our team is ready to assist with loading your vehicle or arranging convenient delivery for larger orders. Come visit us and let’s bring your landscaping vision to life.

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