Our natural stone products range from aggregates to multi-ton boulders. On our lot, you will find stone from all across the country. Our stone inventory is constantly evolving as we source new stone and add new products. Visit the Stone page to view photos of every type of stone we have on our lot.


We supply pavers and DIY fire pit kits from Keystone Hardscapes.


We offer a wide variety of bulk and bagged mulch to fit your style and match your home. We will load your truck bed or trailer, or we can deliver it directly to your home. Same day delivery services available. Delivery fees apply. Visit the Mulch page to view photos of every type of bagged and bulk materials we have on site.


Our plants are locally grown and sourced, so they’re able to grow in the unpredictable Ohio weather conditions. Our plant stock ranges from annual flowers to trees, and everything in between. Please visit the Plant page to see more details on our plant inventory.