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Wide Variety of Bulk and Bagged Mulch

As a trusted bulk mulch supplier, Creech’s is committed to providing high-quality mulch for sale for any type of outdoor project. Our retail garden center is stocked with various options to enhance the health and appearance of your landscape.

Whether you need just a single bag or a full truckload, we make getting mulch easy and convenient. Count on us for efficient service that meets all your landscaping requirements.

Local Mulch Delivery or Pickup

Looking for the right amount of mulch for your landscaping needs? At Creech’s, we’ve got you covered with both bagged and bulk options. Perfect for anything from refreshing your flower beds to large-scale outdoor projects, our mulch fits all your needs.

Choose your quantity, then either pick it up from our Lebanon store or take advantage of our mulch delivery service in the Cincinnati tri-state area.

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Conveniently Located in Lebanon, Ohio

Visit us today at 818 US-42, Lebanon, OH 45036 or call  (513) 932-8155

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Professional Mulch Installation

Need your mulch delivered and professionally installed? Creech’s has got you covered. Our expert team is ready to handle all your mulch installation needs, from small residential spaces to large commercial properties. We bring the expertise and attention to detail that ensures your landscape looks outstanding.

We don’t just spread mulch; we carefully consider the type of mulch, the layout of your space, and the final look you’re aiming for. Whether it’s around your flower beds, under trees, or along pathways, we ensure a precise and even application every time.

Why Use Mulch?

With the right type of mulch, you can keep weeds at bay while also enriching the soil. Your lawn and landscaping will look healthier, cleaner, and more pulled together. From flower beds and vegetable gardens, to back patios and other landscaping, installing mulch can save time and work during the gardening season.

On a basic level, mulch is a layer of natural material added over the surface of your soil to improve the soil’s health, prevent erosion, conserve moisture, and help prevent weeds from growing. Mulch also helps the soil hold onto warmth in the spring to help plants and flowers thrive.

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Which Mulch?

Different situations call for different types of mulch. The type of mulch you need depends on where & why you want to use it, and personal preference on how you want the mulch to look. There are two basic types: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch consists of previously living material, including: Wood Chips, Pine Needles, Shredded Bark, Compost, and Straw.

Could your lawn, yard, or other greenspace use some mulching? Not sure which type is right for you? We’re ready to help. We offer a wide selection of mulches at competitive prices. We offer bulk mulch and bagged mulch. Both are available for delivery or pickup at our Garden Center. Delivery fees vary based on Location. See the ‘Garden Center’ page on our website for delivery pricing. Call Creech’s Lawn & Landscaping at 513-932-8155, or contact us online today for a free estimate. Please see the bulk and bagged mulch products that we have in stock below.

Bulk Materials

Bagged Materials

  • Sphagnum Peat Moss



  • Bagged Pine Bark Mini Nuggets



  • Bagged Topsoil



  • Bagged Hardwood Mulch



  • Bagged Brown Dyed Mulch



  • Bagged Compost



  • Bagged Pine Bark Nuggets



  • Bagged Potting Soil



  • Bagged Red Dyed Mulch



  • Bagged Black Dyed Mulch



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