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Buy Bulk Rocks or a Single Stone

At Creech’s, we understand every project is unique. That’s why we offer our stone products in a range of quantities to suit your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for just a single stone to add a special touch to your garden or need a large supply for a major construction, we’ve got you covered.

Our flexible options include both individual stones and bulk purchases, ensuring you get exactly the right amount for your landscaping or hardscaping project, big or small.

Tri-State Stone and Gravel Delivery

Need stones delivered? We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a homeowner working on your yard, a business sprucing up your landscape, or a contractor on a big job.

We deliver landscaping rock and gravel throughout the entire Cincinnati Tri-State area. Choose from our forklift delivery for palletized stone or our dump truck service for larger bulk orders.

Our goal is simple: to get you the stone you need, when and where you need it, no matter the size of your project. Call us for straightforward delivery options that make your life easier.

Creech's flat bed truck delivering bulk landscaping boulders

Conveniently Located in Lebanon, Ohio

Visit us today at 818 US-42, Lebanon, OH 45036 or call  (513) 932-8155

Landscaping with stone retaining wall, steps, and walkway

Professional Landscaping & Hardscaping Services

Transform your outdoor space with Creech’s professional landscaping and hardscaping services. Our team specializes in designing and installing beautiful stone features, from elegant patios and walkways to striking retaining walls and fire pits.

We work closely with you from concept to completion, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. With our full-time landscape designer and knowledgeable staff, we offer customized solutions that blend perfectly with your property’s aesthetics.

Let us elevate your outdoor living areas with the natural beauty of stone – crafted to perfection by Creech’s.

Wide Variety, from Gravel to Boulders

At Creech’s, our natural stone selection is as varied as your imagination. Our stone inventory is constantly evolving as we add new products.  From the finest gravel, perfect for paths and accents, to imposing boulders that make a statement in any landscape, we have it all.

Discover our selection of River Rocks for a smooth, natural look in your garden, or choose Granite Cobbles for durable, traffic-ready surfaces. If it’s color you’re after, the vibrant hues of Alabama Sunset or the bold contrast of Black Lava Rock are sure to catch the eye.

Our wide range caters to every landscaping need, whether it’s a subtle touch for your flower beds or a grand architectural element to redefine your outdoor space.

Stone yard at Creech's Garden Center

We carry several types of stone products that range from bagged and loose aggregates to multi-ton boulders. You will find stone from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and even Mexico at Creech’s Garden Center. Our stone inventory is constantly evolving as we add new products. For the best deals, stop in today and let us fulfill your stone needs. Whether you need one stone, one ton, or one truckload, let us be your source for quality natural stone in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. Delivery services are available for all stone products.

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  • Bench Stones

  • Boulders

  • Building Blocks

  • Chunk Rocks

  • Edging Stones

  • Gravel

  • Outcroppings

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  • Stone Caps

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Our Natural Stone Selection

Please Note: The following photos are a representation of what the aggregates look like. It’s always recommended to see the products in person before making a decision. Aggregates that are available in multiple sizes will show a photo of each size, from smallest (left) to largest (right).


Our stone aggregates are perfect for replacing mulch in flower beds, outlining flower beds, outlining patios, and much more.

  • 411 Limestone Gravel

  • Gravel 57

  • Pea Gravel

  • Rainbow Rock

  • Alabama Sunset

  • Indian Creek Gravel

  • Cobalt Black Gravel

  • Chattanooga Stone

  • Crushed Red Brick

  • Tennessee Creek Stone

  • Colorado Skippers

  • Black Lava Rock

  • Brassfield Stone

  • Black Slate Chips

  • Buff Mexican Beach Pebbles

  • Colorado River Rock

  • Red Lava Rock

  • Granite Cobbles

  • White Marble Stones

  • Mexican Beach Pebbles

  • River Rock

Please Note: The following photos are a representation of what the stone products look like. It’s always recommended to see the products in person. Each photo shows 2 views of the stone. One view shows how the stone appears on the skid (left) and the other view is a closeup to show the color and texture (right).

Patio Stones

Our patio stones are perfect to use for a patio or walkway. To determine the amount of stone you will need for your project, measure the length and width of the area to determine square footage. Coverage may vary depending on field conditions and on tightness of gaps. A small aggregate or mortar may be used to fill the joints. The color of some natural stones may slightly change over time.

  • Pennsylvania Blue Stone

  • Pennsylvania Tumbled Flagging

  • Pennsylvania Irregular Flagging

  • Ohio Gray Flagging

  • Stand-Up Tennessee Flagging Gray

  • Kentucky Flagging

  • Chilton Large Flagging

  • Canyon Gray Jumbo Flagging

  • Tennessee Thin Flagging

  • Stand-Up Tennessee Flagging Brown

  • Kentucky Fieldstone

  • Rustic Buff Large Flagging

  • Canyon Gray Large Flagging

Wall Stones

  • Tennessee Cut Wall Stone Gray

  • Canyon Gray Natural Wall Stone

  • Rustic Buff Natural Wall Stone

  • EW Gold Cut Wall Stone

  • Chilton Cut Wall Stone

  • Tennessee Cut Wall Stone Brown

  • Canyon Gray Cut Wall Stone

  • Rustic Buff Cut Wall Stone


  • Elliot Stone Tumbled Edging

  • Black Hills Edging

  • Granite Cobblestone Cube Black

  • Granite Cobblestone Edging Gray

  • Tennessee Ashlar Edging

  • Southern Buff Edging

  • Cobalt Black Edging

  • Granite Cobblestone Edging Tan

  • Tennessee Tumbled Cobblestone Edging Gray

  • Canyon Gray Tumbled Edging

  • Rustic Buff Edging

  • Granite Cobblestone Cube Pink

  • Granite Cobblestone Edging Black

  • Tennessee Tumbled Cobblestone Edging Brown

Step Treads

  • Canyon Gray Natural Step Treads

  • Tennessee Gray Cut Step Treads 4′

  • Tennessee Brown Cut Step Treads 4′

  • Elliot Stone Snapped End Step

  • Canyon Gray Cut Step Treads 3′

  • Southern Buff Natural Step Treads

  • Tennessee Gray Cut Step Treads 3′

  • Tennessee Brown Cut Step Treads 3′

  • Canyon Gray Cut Step Treads 4′

  • Canyon Gray Cut Step Treads 2′

  • Rustic Buff Natural Step Treads


  • Tennessee Weathered Boulders

  • Mossy Mountain Boulders

  • Ohio Weathered Sandstone Boulders

  • Trap Boulders

  • Granite Boulders

  • Tennessee Creek Boulders


  • Canyon Gray Outcroppings

  • Rustic Buff Outcroppings

Chunk Rocks

  • Indiana Buff Chunks

  • Rustic Buff Chunks

  • Canyon Gray Chunks

Building Blocks

  • Canyon Gray Building Blocks

Bench Stones

  • Rustic Buff Bench Stones


  • Elliot Stone Caps Rockface

  • Tennessee Gray Caps

  • Tennessee Brown Caps

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