Your outdoor space is the first thing you see when you come home. A beautiful landscape is an extra room in your house—a place to enjoy nature, grilling, the sun on your skin, and tossing a ball with your child. Outside is where we feel youthful and vital. You and your family live in this space, and we at Creech’s can help you add quality to your outdoor areas. Tell us what your dream is, and we will help it become reality.

Creech’s also knows that the most difficult part of starting your landscaping improvement is finding the right company. You need to choose one that not only understands your individual needs but also understands professional landscape design and execution.

Make The Grass Greener On Your Side Of The Fence

Are you dreaming of adding a tropical oasis to complement your new swimming pool? What about adding some flowers, bushes and shrubs to brighten up the exterior of your home or backyard hardscape? Do you need a special place to relax or get away from the stress of the day?

We know that your home is a big investment, and we’re ready to help make your outdoor areas as comfortable and elegant as the inside. Creech’s Lawn And Landscaping offers a one-stop shop for all areas of landscaping. We can do it all, including design, installation, maintenance, construction, water features, hardscape, lighting, stone walls, irrigation, and repair. We believe you should enjoy your home oasis, not spend all your time doing maintenance.

At Creech’s, we’ll design your landscape with your budget in mind. We use upfront pricing and have an honest discussion of affordability. We can also develop a multi-year plan so that you can space out your projects and costs. We want to help you see your dream landscape come to life, not ruin it for you.

Looking for ways to add quality to your life and property? Try these:

  • Add a variety of green or colorful plants, like hanging baskets and flower boxes for the front porch
  • Add the sound or appearance of water with elements like fountains, ponds, hot tubs and pools.
  • Add hills or valleys to an otherwise flat area grading
  • Hardscaping – stones, patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, drainage
  • Add areas for wildlife with the flowers and seeds that bees and birds enjoy
  • Add trees for shade and the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves
  • Add lighting to accent your home, trees, pathways and other areas
  • Add a gardening space for growing your own food
  • Increase the quality and appearance of your plants with fertilizers, weed killers, and aeration
  • Remove weeds or distracting plants that are out of place
  • Remove old or worn landscaping materials

Want to see what kind of work we can do for you? Visit our gallery or check us out on social media. For warranty information, please click here.

When you’re ready to begin creating a beautiful new landscape or outdoor oasis for your home, call us at 513-932-8155 for your free estimate.